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What is ICWA & CS

ICWA & CS Coaching Programs

SuccessEdge Academy provides the best ICWA & CS coaching programs, which are the most highly reputed and recognized courses in finance and commerce industries. These professional studies are recognized in India as well as abroad, which has a bright job prospects. ICWA is termed as Cost and Work Accountancy whereas CS is stands for Company Secretary by a professional body of ICSI. Besides, both ICWA and ICSI professional courses have a statutory recognitions, which was introduced through the Act of parliament.

  1. Cost Accountancy (or CMA or ICWA)
  2. Company Secretaries (or CS)

What is CMA or ICWA course?

Candidates in India interested in a career as cost and management financial are required to pass qualifying examinations conducted by ICWA. ICWA is the governing and licensing body of cost accountants in India. The organization functions with the aim of modernizing and standardizing Indian accounting system. Qualified candidates are certified as “Cost Accountant" or "Cost & Management Accountancy (CMA).

Cost accountants in India are an important part of the corporate system responsible for forecasting Cost and Financial Accounting policies keeping abreast with Direct and Indirect Tax, Commercial and Industrial laws, Cost Audit and Management Accounting & Analysis. ICWA qualification offers many career opportunities to candidates in India and abroad.

What is CS?

In corporate hierarchy, CS or company secretaries are very highly placed. They are an important cog in the wheel in maintaining company relationship between the board of directors and the different stakeholders of the firm. Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), New Delhi is the regulatory and authoritative body for CS responsible for implementing best practices in the industry. It also serves as the cognitive body for company secretaries. Examination and licensing process for CS is managed and supervised by the agency and successful candidates are registered under it.

The profile of a CS is multidisciplinary comprising rendering services as company’s legal expert, corporate governance and secretarial services, operations management, corporate planner and strategic planner, financial and capital markets, chief advisor and more.

CS is a highly accomplished career and successful candidates enjoy wide career prospects. The role of a CS in company hierarchy will involve the following functions.

  • They take active part in formulating company policies in accordance with government policies.
  • Their role is to ensure transparent and efficient corporate governance.
  • CSs are experts in company laws, industrial laws and government policies and often perform the role of advisor to the board of directors.
  • They are responsible for ensuring that the organization meets compliances at every stage.
  • The CS also functions as a liaising party between the different stakeholders of the company and helps conducting board of directors meetings at regular intervals.
  • He may be responsible for taking down meeting minutes and afterwards compiling reports for circulation.

Graduate students are exempted from taking foundation course. They can directly enroll for Intermediate/ Executive program.

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